The Business Climate is Changing Dramatically

Worldwide economic, social and political changes demand a different approach and mindset to achieve success in your personal goals and in your business.

Today it is essential to understand how your thoughts, beliefs and actions, including your perception of the world and business, have widespread ramifications, implications and consequences on your business and personal success.

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                                 that drives

                                        business transformation!

Achieving business and personal success will not happen with new tactics, new planning, or new formulas. Rather, a new, different and unique perspective and awareness is the key That is often overlooked in this age of instant communication and easily accessible information.

Discover how we perceive our world impacts our business and personal goals.

                                                          Understand the fundamentals, but master the nuances! ~ Gary Spinell

Have some initial success,
but now have diminishing returns?

Beyond Intent is the first book that helps explain why you got stuck, relieves your frustration, and shows in both practical and spiritual nuances, how to get un-stuck and propel you forward to cross the threshold of your dreams.

Gary has truly mastered the nuances to a depth beyond your imagination. This is a must read especially when all other quick-fix modalities have left you without your goal of desire.
~ Janyelle Huff, Intuitive NLP Practitioner

Finally, a book to show the importance of the nuances beyond
intention into the art of fulfillment and living your dreams.

~ Christine Marie Peters MA Radio Co-Host of Life with The Girlfriends

Beyond Intent is not only a book, but a COMPASS for you when you feel stuck in life. Real life is a journey and with a compass like this, you will never feel stuck and lost again.
~ Solvita Bennett, Founder of

Gary fine tunes our understanding of manifesting our desires and helps us understand how the world is our mirror. This book is a must-read for anyone who has ever felt stuck.
~ Estra Roell, America’s Life Purpose Coach

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This 2 hour audio provides powerful and unique tips and perspective not heard anywhere else! Plus, you will learn the one key that makes all the rest of them work!

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Gary has extensive business experience in $400 million to multi-billion dollar companies. Roles included Treasury, Public Relations, Investor Relations & Human Resources. He has spent 25 years examining why some people succeed consistently! His unique perspective helps YOU succeed!

It Was YOU, All Along contains a multitude of analogies and a unique balance of practical and spiritual information providing the full insight on how we manifest our desires.

I have a library of self empowerment and spiritual books. This one goes to the top of my list as one to live by!
~ Kathleen Martin, Life Coach

Gary has a wonderful way of writing and a different approach to the “Creating your life” topic that I hadn’t yet seen done. ~ Danette Steele, Quantum Wellness

Revealing how our reality is created, Gary goes on to empower the reader to engage the Universe and shift energetic patterns to attract opportunities, abundance and relationships.
~ Jennifer Alhasa, Radio Show Host