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Hi. My name is Gary Spinell, and thank you for stopping by to this page. If you are a job seeker, either were laid off or are considering making a jump to another company, I can relate.

Would you like to feel more in control of your job search? Would you like to feel more motivated and inspired? Would you like to feel greater confidence, and ultimately feel the satisfaction and happiness of landing a new job – a good job? I am going to tell you right up front the main key to landing a job: it’s not about searching. Rather there is something that helps land a job more than anything else and you will learn about it in this program.

I have a story to tell. See, I have had to conduct a job search 4 times in my career. And at first, I was terrible at it, lacking self-esteem and not knowing what to do first other than create a resume. I was like a deer in the headlights. I didn’t know how to network, my efforts were all over the place and just felt lost. I understand the heavy emotional, mental and physical stress someone unemployed endures.

It took me a long time to land a job the first time, over 2 years! The second time I was laid off, I decided to become a student of the process. I spoke with a long list of people who had landed jobs, searching for what they considered to be the keys to them receiving the job offer. I asked many questions of those unemployed as well to understand what they were struggling with and why they continued to have a challenge in landing a job offer. I learned from many people and also uncovered some unique principles that no one else had told me about. I then landed a job in only 3 months, and the second time in 6 months.

I want to share my insight with you, especially some really different concepts that are not about your resume and LinkedIn profile. Rather, it has to do with what goes on in our minds.  What we believe, think about, and take action on are extremely important to our job search success. What I uncovered was besides a resume and LinkedIn profile, the people who received job offers all had one thing in common – the way the mentally and emotionally approached the job search. We can learn all of the latest job search tactics, but without understanding how we think, why we emotionally react the way we do and what resulting actions we take are the differences in a job search.

You most likely have a great resume, extensive experience, terrific LinkedIn profile and are ready for all interview questions. And yet, if you are waiting on that interview or job offer, you can see that most other people have these tools also. So what gets that job offer? Not what we were taught. You might be wondering how other people land a job offer when you have better experience, or you have better skills, or strong work ethics. I discovered some other factors that are massively vital to success in the job search process.

“Shortly after reading this work, I received and accepted a new job. I’m convinced reading this program was one of the key reasons. I heartily recommend it!” ~ W.C. Stroud, Harvard MBA

Why do I want to share all of this information at such a low cost? Because I don’t want you to struggle in a job search like I did. I don’t want you to struggle sorting through the massive amount of information about a job search. I want you to be able to quickly take hold of and implement the approaches that really work. And most of all I don’t want you to have to deal with the mental, emotional and physical challenge you endure day after day in a job search. I know how it feels, I have been there and I want for you to be able to massively reduce all of that struggle now.

One of the most valuable parts of this program is that not only will these tools help you land a job but the concepts will transform you and your approach to achieve success in ALL of your goals.

This program provides the unique insight to overcome all of these challenges and give you the confidence to accomplish goals in all areas of your life! Imagine the difference in your life and how you will feel to succeed in more than just job search!

What I learned is: Landing a job offer all comes down to interaction with another person or people, and the mastering how to interact, more important, understanding human behavior – the way in general people think, believe and act, makes it all work. When you understand, it’s like being in the express lane of the job search process. And to do this requires a shift in mindset that once understood gives you the tools, ability and power to obtain ANY goal.

While using the program if you have any questions related to your job search, I will answer them promptly. Why do I do this? Because I understand how the rigors of a job search impose a mental, emotional and physical challenge every day, and every minute. My passion is to help you get employed and back doing what you want to do: use your skills and expertise to help a company giving you an opportunity to learn and grow as well.

How would it feel to be employed again? Great? Of course. Every day you are unemployed it is costing you money. If I can show you for only $.27 cents a day how to break through and land that next job would you try it?

And you get me – I will answer your job search questions to help you along the way.

– I will help you over come the mental anguish, emotional distress and physical pain of being unemployed.
– You have great experience, talent, expertise and work hard. This program will help you get noticed and most important, be remembered.
– This program is priced and built with extreme value for you. I know money is tight, and there is extreme value in this program.
– The full program includes 3 hours of audio in MP3 format (of all 50 Keys), plus over 100 pages of a companion workbook with actions steps. Plus, my 2 highly rated books on Amazon are included that give you the mindset of success.
– Also, this information is unique, different and powerful; unlike any you will have heard before.
And the tools and keys you will learn will help you achieve goals again and again.
– The value is great, and even if only one of these unique keys propels you forward in your search, then the information is priceless.
– And me to answer your questions and help transform how you approach the job search process.

AND: You were selling in the interview but do you know how to close the sale? With your purchase you will receive a special article on how to close the sale. A hint: No, you don’t close the deal at the end of the interview like many people suggest.

“Gary, you’re advice helped me through the ups and downs of my search for employment and I’ve ended up at a really great company.” ~ M. Kohrs, SeattleIs there a particular part of your job search that is causing a challenge?

Now the full 50 Keys program has been split in to 4 sections so you can immediately address your specific challenges.

40 Unique and Powerful Keys

Click here to get help on:
* Common job search mistakes,
* Working effectively with recruiters while
effectively networking,
* The real keys to interviewing, and
* The powerful mental keys vital to land a job.

See, most of the time a shift in our perception of our job search process, and some tweaking of our approach makes all of the difference in results. My program helps you understand and gives you the keys to make that shift in mindset and approach that will generate results.

The first time I was conducting a job search I had many employers and recruiters tell me I had great experience and a great resume. Yet I couldn’t understand why I wasn’t landing an job offer or even an interview. My self esteem was low. One time after summoning the courage to introduce myself to someone at a business gathering it turned out I said hello to the wrong person! That just made me feel even worse. But eventually I learned how to turn it all around.

Once you have gone through the program and implement this approach you will see immediate changes in your job search results. Your focus, your approach, your mindset and your ability to present your skills will have those special ingredients for your success.

Plus receive FREE a 10 minute audio on “the 5 things you can do today to propel you to success!”

How would it feel to land that job you want, no longer having to wait for the phone to ring, or receive a response from submitting a resume, or enduring the confusion of job interview, and the frustration of trying so hard to tell the hiring manager you are the perfect fit for the job?

See, the first time I was laid off I could not land a job and was frustrated because I thought I was doing the right things. Then I did research on human behavior and learned about the unique and different mindset of successful people.

Then when I combined what I learned about human behavior and the mindset of successful people with job search tactics, my results were fantastic! I finally understood the keys to landing your next job. And now it’s time for you to achieve all of your goals.

“I’m an alumni member of The FENG (Financial executive networking group). There was one item in particular that really helped me get over the hump in my job search. I purchased the

“40 Unique & Powerful Keys to Land Your Next Job”

by Gary Spinell. The 40 keys boosted my confidence and helped me feel truly prepared and was integral in “landing my next job.” You could say that now I am a devoted fan of Mr. Spinell and am reading his books as well.”

~ B. Taravella, Chief Financial Officer

But this isn’t about having a positive attitude. When I learned the nuances of how human behavior impacts our thoughts, beliefs and actions, I changed the way I used the job tactics!

Together we can focus on the specific areas of your search where you are hitting a wall, use your most powerful attributes to move your forward, and address any personal challenges that may mentally be holding you back.

Sample the 50 keys right now! Listen to the free audio.

So what am I talking about? Here is how human behavior works in a way we least expect:

The experts state on average a person pays attention to someone speaking for no more than 15-20 minutes. If you are in an interview human behavior will tell you that your hiring manager is not keeping full attention on your answers for an hour or more. Have you ever been in a conversation with someone and you start thinking about what you are going to say while they are talking? Or you think about what you are going to do after that conversation? Guess what? Most likely the hiring manager is doing that also. It is human nature.

Therefore, the key in this process is the hiring manager is like Google listening for you to use key words in your answers – to which he/she will become alert and focus in on. That is just nature human behavior.

“Your message resonated with so many of the things I struggle with daily. I clearly see now that I was doing things right but I was not doing the right things. Thank you for enlightening me on the way to think about the job search process.” ~ Tim

In this program you will learn the true keys that make all the difference in landing your next job.

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Here are some of the 50 keys you will discover and on you will feel the power and happiness of landing your next job:

  1. How to overcome the hiring manager’s concern that you are overqualified. This is different from what you may have read or heard.
  2. The mistake of targeting your next position.
  3. The must ask questions when in an interview and how to ask them.
  4. How straddling kills your job search results.
  5. We were all taught the magical formula for success is to work hard, be honest and ethical. And yet why doesn’t it always work? I will explain why it doesn’t and show you what does drive success.
  6. What people miss when networking.
  7. Getting the offer isn’t because of your technical knowledge and expertise, but what does get you the offer.
  8. Recruiters don’t work for you, but how to get them to.
  9. The revealing questions to ask recruiters before an interview.
  10. Why you can’t go back and how looking back will kill your job search.
  11. Why having a target list of companies sets you up for failure. Yes, it does and I will explain even though you may have success with one, why in the end it can work against you.
  12. Success and obtaining goals is not about working hard, but what it is about.
  13. The mindset to understand and overcome the internal question “Why did this happen to me?”
  14. How to be remembered and stand out after an interview, especially when there are 10-15 other candidates.
  15. How to stay motivated, excited and upbeat while conducting your job search.
  16. The one interview mistake most people make if they have been out of work for over 6 months.
  17. The mindset of successful people and why it is different than most people.
  18. The powerful psychological and human behavior element that enhances all search tactics.
  19. THE most insightful question to ask in an interview to set you up for success! This subtle question is unique and gives you keen insight into the hiring manager’s needs and requirements.
  20. The keys when changing industries.
  21. How changing your perception of your situation makes all of the difference in your results.
  22. What employers are really looking for in a candidate.
  23. The real keys to “closing the sale” – and probably not what you have heard.

All together 50 Unique and Powerful Keys to Land Your Next Job.

“Gary’s job search program made all the difference in me landing my next job. The program really put job searching into a whole new perspective for me. Gary’s program is a must have for anyone conducting a job search.” ~ C. Gama

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