The power of embracing all possibilities


From the book, It Was YOU, All Along

When working toward any goal or desired outcome, there are countless possibilities of the path we will take to achieve that goal. We discover that the events, people and places we experience along that path are amazing and often surprising.  Why? Because we have a tendency to focus or contemplate on the possibilities, and path, we would like to appear. We visualize how each step of the process will be played out as if directing a movie.

At the same time we often view the world in the here and now. Our reality is based only on what we can feel, see and touch. We view our world in finite, exact terms. For example, many of us would like to win the lottery. Lottery jackpots have escalated in the last several years to over one hundred million dollars. When I was a child I could not “imagine” the significance of one million dollars. I could not understand fully the magnitude of that much money. If the amount was all in one dollar bills, I wondered how high the pile would reach if each dollar was stacked upon the next.

Today, I can conceptualize one million dollars or one million people in my mind, although it is still difficult. If we have difficulty imagining the magnitude of one million, or maybe one hundred million dollars, imagine the reality of one billion dollars or one trillion dollars, or stars in the universe. Some numbers are just too big for us to get our minds around.

The same is true for possibilities, and the experiences and accomplishments that can occur in our life.  If we attempt to focus on how our journey will unfold, we limit the Universal number of possibilities. There are a countless number of possibilities of what doors will open for us, who we will encounter each day and what unique piece of information will be presented to us to help us succeed. The nuance to master is by not forcing a particular path to occur we allow an infinite number of possibilities to unfold, which brings us to our goal much sooner.

In addition, the nuance to master is to not focus on how our journey will unfold, but simply to experience the journey.  Stay in the moment and focus on what work we need to do, and the possibilities to complete our journey will present themselves to us perfectly.

We often block the best options from occurring.  How? Well, our mind has a tendency to ONLY hold on to that which it can rationalize and comprehend. Since it is very difficult to understand and comprehend an infinite number of possibilities, our minds reduce large numbers to amounts to which we can relate to or understand.

 The problem occurs when we believe the amount
that we can relate to is all there is

Any amounts or possibilities beyond those we can comprehend are eliminated in our minds as unachievable and not part of our realities. Yet, in reality, there are thousands of possibilities.  So let’s focus on the work to complete our goal and let the Universe bring us the perfect possibilities of people, places and events to achieve our goal, and complete our journey.

—   This exerpt from the book It Was YOU, All Along
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Part 2: What is really involved in having a positive attitude?

Happy people

From the book, Beyond Intent: Crossing the Threshold to Your Dreams

In the last newsletter we addressed that there are 10 essential components involved in having a positive attitude and 2 of them were discussed in detail. In this newsletter we address components 3 and 4.

3.  Possessing the will and courage to address our fears.

Facing our fears is often our greatest challenge.  By creating negative images and scary scenarios, our minds keep us focused on fear and what we can’t achieve.  In doing so, our minds create mountains that we believe are impossible to climb.  Yet when we actually turn and face our fear, we discover that the challenge was much less than we anticipated.  Those overwhelming mind-created images of how difficult and emotionally challenging the task would be melt away to nothing once we move through our fear.

We have all faced our fears at some point in our life. It may have been the first day at a new school, that key interview that landed our first job, taking a chance on saying hello that started a wonderful relationship, trying our hand at a hobby, or simply daring to try something new no matter how small it may have seemed at the time.  All of these steps took courage.

Facing our fears is the most difficult of all the challenges we face.  And straight up, it takes guts to face our fears. I left the corporate world behind to pursue a career in speaking and people development.  Although I have a significant amount of experience in those areas, establishing and maintaining a business is a major challenge.

In addition, the easy thing to do would have been to land another position similar to the one I left.  Being employed in a similar position was the safe thing, and in many ways the more practical thing to do.  But my desire and passion could be satisfied only by doing what I believed I had been trained to do over a lifetime.

Of course at times I questioned my sanity, as I allowed myself to feel my human emotions of fear.  But for me not to speak and teach was like asking a fish not to swim.  That is how I felt. Recognizing my fear, I daily set it aside, and moved with enjoyment and passion for my work, on a journey for which I had prepared for a long time.

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone. ~ Neale Donald Walsch

When we face our fear we are pushing past what we believe we know and are moving into the unknown, out of our comfort zone.  The nuance again is that in facing our fear, we are signaling to the Universe that we are leaving our comfort zone behind and pushing through, to experience something new and wonderful.

Responding to our action of pushing past fear, the Universe assists us by delivering a door for us to open.  On the other side of that door lies the path of a new journey for us to explore.  The act of facing our fear demonstrates a positive attitude; we show that we believe that additional abundance awaits us on the other side of the door.

4.  Believing God wants you to have abundance.

At times we are led to believe that wealth is only for a chosen few.  Yes, the wealthy will tell you their formula for success, implying it required effort and patience and perseverance.  But most wealthy people believe everyone can have wealth.

Having a positive attitude includes believing wealth and abundance are within our reach.  And by the way, abundance includes more than money. Abundance includes knowledge, the quality of relationships, health, and a feeling of inner peace.

Believe that life is worth living and your belief will help create the fact.  ~ William James

To achieve our goals implies that we believe God wants us to succeed and obtain abundance.  God desires that we are able to experience the joy that is acquired by having abundance.  At times we will incur setbacks on our path to obtaining our desires.  We must not perceive these setbacks as God attempting to prevent us from happiness. Rather, by embracing these challenges, we increase our knowledge and ability to ultimately reach our goals and realize abundance.

Many people believe that God has decided that only a relatively small percentage of people will achieve abundance and wealth.  Further, these people also believe God has predetermined which select few people will achieve this wealth.  It is imperative that we change this belief.  God wants everyone to receive and enjoy as much abundance as possible.  We are at our best when we can experience and create the total richness of life in every way.

We impact our world and the now 7 billion people living on it by sharing what we have to give.  The greater abundance in all areas provides us with a variety of options to positively impact the lives of those around the world.  Expect to obtain abundance. Expect that abundance in all forms is our birthright here on Earth.

Abundance of knowledge, wealth, and love are all to be shared.  The beauty is that we share this great abundance in our own unique method.  You may want to share your knowledge of construction or gardening or music.  Michelle and I donate to animal shelters.  In addition, we provide our business knowledge to a non-profit organization helping women overcome substance abuse.  The fun of having abundance is the ability to share it in your own style.  The key to having a positive attitude is in believing that we all can obtain abundance, and enjoying the process.

—   This exerpt from the book Beyond Intent: Crossing the Threshold to Your Dreams
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What really does it mean to have a positive attitude?

Women jumping

From the book, Beyond Intent: Crossing the Threshold to Your Dreams

Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude. ~ Zig Ziglair

We all know that a positive attitude is part of the formula for success.  But what does it mean to have a positive attitude?  How do you know if you really have a positive attitude?  Is it simply being in a good mood and smiling?  If so, what caused you to be in a good mood and smiling today?
I’ve discovered that almost everyone has a different opinion as to what attributes are involved and what it takes to have a good attitude.  Maybe this variance in opinion explains why some people do not achieve positive results even though they believe they have a positive attitude. Further, some people who believe that they have a positive attitude, quite possibly may not have a positive attitude for success.  More precisely, they have only part of a positive attitude.
Excellence is not a skill.  It is an attitude.  ~ Ralph Marston
A positive attitude is extremely important in how we approach our world and deal with our experiences each day.  Having a positive attitude is imperative to being successful and manifesting our goals.
A fully functioning positive attitude comprises ten essential components. Today, we will address 2 of them:
  1. Willingness to look at yourself and a willingness to change.
  2. Being open to new ideas and concepts; there is more to life than what you see.

(Click the link at the end of this article to read the other 8 vital components; #6 makes the difference)

Each of these components plays an integral part in our overall disposition on a daily basis.  Doubts and fears can create cracks in the foundation of these components. These cracks negatively impact our ability to generate positive energy, which in kind attracts positive results.  We all have difficulty continually demonstrating a fully positive attitude throughout an entire day. However, if these ten processes are part of our belief system, we can fall back on them for support as needed.

Success is eighty percent attitude and twenty percent aptitude. ~ Funmi Wale-Adegbite

Let’s examine each of these components:

1. A willingness to examine our strengths and weaknesses, and willingness to change. A commitment to examine ourselves takes courage.  Digging deep into our beliefs and feelings is not an easy task. The advantage is for us to understand that our experiences mirror our beliefs.  If we view our surroundings with an open mind, we have the opportunity to see ourselves from a unique perspective.

However, we must be willing to recognize when a belief is not producing the desired results.  We do not want to change some beliefs, such as always being honest and doing the right thing.  But we have a mountain of other beliefs that we have accumulated over time. The important message is to understand that these beliefs were created by our experiences that in turn modified our beliefs, which in turn created more experiences.

When we look back we can see that we do not hold all of the same beliefs we held ten or twenty years ago. During that time period, we have grown and have modified our beliefs.  Now that we understand that our life is our mirror, we can open our mind to closely examine our beliefs.

An open mind is the foundation for a positive attitude. Knowing that our world is in constant change, it is imperative we adapt and evolve right along with it.  On a Universal basis, never letting our beliefs evolve is the same as telling the Universe to keep us in the same place.  Consequently, there is no room for growth, and we do not move forward.

When my mother turned eighty my three siblings and I bought her a computer.  She was eager to use one; typing came naturally to her, having worked in a secretary role at one point in her career.  (By the way, she was also an outstanding retail sales clerk working into her eighties. One day she waited on a woman who ten years later I would meet, and who would become my wife.  Yes, the Universe is always working on our behalf.)

My mom loved the computer and used AOL for email to communicate with her nine grandchildren scattered across the country.  She also has nieces, nephews and cousins in various cities.  She quickly learned how to write, send, and print email.

The other day, as I drove her home from her doctor after a routine checkup, she told me of the conversation she had just had with her doctor.  She said, “Doctor, I trust you that you want me healthy and I listen to you when you recommend a certain prescription for me.  However, I want you to know that each time you recommend a drug, I go home and search the Internet to read about all of the side effects of each ingredient in the drug.”

That is amazing!  She is surfing the net.  In addition, she called me recently, from her computer to my computer using Skype, and we talked and used the video capability as well!  Oh, and by the way, my mom is now ninety-three. A positive attitude is all about adapting and evolving.

2. Being open to new ideas and concepts. When we are open to new ideas and concepts, we are willing to view our word differently.  There is always something new to learn about life. An open mind is another pivotal piece to having a positive attitude.  There is a saying that in life there is nothing as permanent as change.  We must be willing to consider new approaches to push through challenges in order to grow.  When we grow and learn, we then achieve our goals.  Once we achieve goals we find inner happiness.

A bad attitude is like a flat tire. You aren’t going to get anywhere until you change it. ~ Author Unknown

Most people do not succeed in life because they give up when their first or second effort fails.  Successful people, and those possessing a positive attitude, learn from what did not work and try again.  And if that approach does not work, they look for new approaches and try again.  And again.  Successful people probably fail more than people who give up.  These people fail more because of their belief in being open to new methodology to accomplish their goals. We set ourselves up for failure by continuing the same approach while hoping for different results.  This mindset is known as the perfect definition of insanity.  We demonstrate a positive attitude by keeping an open mind to meeting new people and experiencing new events.

Keeping an open mind includes ending relationships and moving on to new ones.  The same is true with experiences, such as ending employment with a company or moving to another city or state.  It is natural for us to feel some remorse concerning the separation.  We may no longer see old friends.  In the case of a special relationship, we have the burden of moving on with hurt or sadness in our heart.

Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened. ~ Dr. Seuss

Although it is very challenging, in times such as these, we must look forward to the new relationships and experiences that are coming our direction.  Always remember to respect and appreciate what was experienced.  At the same time, when the time comes to move on, keep an open mind that something new and special awaits.

Our positive energy of an open mind signals the Universe to continue bringing us wonderful new opportunities for relationships and knowledge.  Alternately, by not changing our approaches and beliefs, we signal to the Universe to keep us in a status-quo mode. This status-quo mode includes nothing changing, and hence no movement forward toward success.

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