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Often companies can drive sales, or drive profits, and may do both, yet struggle to improve employee engagement. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to do all 3?

I have the unique background of extensive Finance, Treasury, Analysis, Investor Relations, Public Relations and Human Resources that is combined with over 25 years examining human behavior. This knowledge has led me to be able to understand how and why people believe, think, and act as they do. From this I motivate and lead employees, make deep connections with customers, build consensus with all levels of management, effectively communicate to Board, investors and public while developing strong and lasting vendor relationships.

My ability to quickly understand the key nuances of a business is unique using a combination of analytical and human behavior skills – resulting in the ability to quickly pinpoint how to improve your business.

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Do you feel like you need someone just to talk with about your specific job search challenges? Although you go to job search meetings do you feel like your situation is different? Would you like some guidance from someone who has been there – unemployed, and felt the emotional, mental and physical daily challenges of a search AND who not only survived, but thrived from it?

Frustrated with hearing the same resume, profile and elevator instruction? What you get with my consultation is me – that may sound strange, but actually that is the most important factor. Having studied human behavior for over 25 years I have the keen ability to determine the keys to what will help you get the results you desire. I listen to you, and listen some more – I want to hear your story, and only then can I determine what will work best for you.

Recruiters can’t help because they no longer have the time as the are in a mad scramble to find candidates and fill positions for their clients. Recruiters who give job tips don’t know what it is like to sit in an interview and feel the anxiety and excitement that you do, and what feels like an endless wait to hear back from the company. I experienced that and understand the roller coaster of emotions.

Although there is no silver bullet in job search, I can help you break through and make fast changes to your search.

I can because I went through being unemployed, more than once and discovered what really drives results.

“I believe the keys that Gary has in the program documentation are very useful & helped me create a positive impression on the interviewer, and what was even more valuable was my 1-on-1 session with him wherein I got some phenomenal coaching.” Conroy D., Dallas, Texas

The key is not just about job tactics. Rather you will develop and effectively use a new mindset to transform your job search. Armed with this new perspective and approach you will have greater effectiveness using job search tactics and achieving goals in all areas of your life.

From our consultation you will:

  • Transform your job search by understanding how the aspects of human behavior make ALL of the difference in your job search results.
  • Have a specific set of next steps to use in your job search.
  • Move forward with a fine-tuned approach to your search.
  • Learn how I will break through the clutter and confusion and show you how to best communicate your personal story of accomplishments, expertise, experience and skill set.
  • Obtain the tools to stay motivated, up-beat and confident during your job search.
  • Understand how and why job search effectiveness is more than just your resume and profile.
  • Discover insight how to have a successful mindset that is vital to landing the next interview and job offer.
  • Learn how to connect with the right people to build your network and have them become your ally.
  • Successfully implement the keys to having a knock-out interview resulting in a job offer.
  • AND receive answers to ALL of your job search questions!

Gary’s extensive corporate business experience and over 25 years examining human behavior is able to provide unique insight to re-ignite your job search effort and results. Gary’s has led the Finance, Treasury, Investor and Public Relations, and Human Resources functions. Available via Skype anywhere in the world!

Consulting Pricing Options
to Fit Your Needs:


8 Week job search consultation (8 One Hour Sessions) Only: $599 (40 Keys program sold separately)

1 Hour job search consultation AND Complete 40 Keys Audio & Workbook (Now All 50 Keys): $149