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A New Year, A New Perspective

Happy New Year!

The new year brings with it an opportunity for a fresh perspective. If you are struggling in a job search or are frustrated in breaking through to land that new job, then now is the time to consider viewing your search from a different perspective. Having studied human behavior for over 25 years, I have learned (and I will say often the hard way!) that our thoughts, beliefs and actions drive and create our results.

Understanding how and why we do what we do, as well as how others think and perceive the world made a massive positive impact on my ability to achieve goals. For example, fear is the most significant factor in a job search. We wonder “Why me?”, “Why now?”, “Which direction should I go and can I get there?” and “Will it ever end?” Our natural tendency is to focus time and energy on these questions, that leaves us frustrated and in a negative mood that gets transfered into our job search.

Job search pushes us out of what psychologists call our “comfort zone.” Willingness to address our fear and push ourselves out of our comfort zone is how all successful people achieve their goals.

Further, when we look at our experiences, taking the time to step back and view what has occurred, we find they “mirror” our beliefs about life. If we believe the job search process is biased, we tend to experience that bias. If we believe people are helpful, then we find helpful people. Watch your thoughts because that is where your mental, physical and mental energy goes. And most importantly, what you experience will reflect those thoughts.
When I understood human behavior and how what we believe, think and act on impacts our search, I viewed job search tactics differently. I approached the tactics from a different angle realizing the real key within each one. The 50 Unique and Powerful Job Search Program (Now at a special New Year price, see below) explains these concepts and much more in extensive detail. In addition, there is proven and effective insight on how to have a successful mindset, remain positive and persistent in your job search, maintain self-confidence and achieve any goal when learning how to view challenges from a different perspective. And discover how to move away from the concept of “This happened to me.”

Now receive a special discount on the program for the New Year at 20% off using the coupon code newyear14. This program includes both of my books that reached the top 5 in Kindle downloads, one of which hit #1 in the Self-help/Happiness category. Besides standard job search tactics this program addresses in a different perspective:

1. How to overcome the hiring manager’s concern that you are overqualified. This is different from what you may have read or heard.

2. The mistake of targeting your next position.

3. How straddling kills your job search results.

4. We were all taught the magical formula for success is to work hard, be honest and ethical. And yet why doesn’t it always work? I will explain why it doesn’t and show you what does drive success.

5. What people miss when networking.

6. Getting the offer isn’t because of your technical knowledge and expertise, but what does get you the offer.

7. Recruiters don’t work for you, but how to get them to.

8. The revealing questions to ask recruiters before an interview.

9. Why you can’t go back and how looking back will kill your job search.

10. Why having a target list of companies sets you up for failure. Yes, it does and I will explain even though you may have success with one, why in the end it can work against you.

11. How to be remembered and stand out after an interview, especially when there are 10-15 other candidates.

12. How to stay motivated, excited and upbeat while conducting your job search.

13. The one interview mistake most people make if they have been out of work for over 6 months.

14. The mindset of successful people and why it is different than most people.

15. THE most insightful question to ask in an interview to set you up for success! This subtle question is unique and gives you keen insight into the hiring manager’s needs and requirements.

16. The real keys to “closing the sale” – and probably not what you have heard.

This is your year for a break through.  You have the talent, you have great work experience, a great resume and accomplishments. Mindset is the key to success.  Now it’s your turn. Click here to download this program today   (There are now 50 Keys!)

Each path we take is a choice and every path provides a lesson


  “Good judgment comes from experience and experience

     comes from bad judgment.” — The Old Farmer’s Almanac

For many years most everyone believed we are human beings having a spiritual experience, when in fact, we are actually spiritual beings having a “human” experience. Our souls one day decide to incarnate into a human bodies and here we are experiencing life from unique perspectives. The second a soul enters the human body, by its mere existence the body consumes space and a place in time.

Space and time are inseparable and we are all aware of the limitations we encounter each day due to these Universal forces. We can only occupy the space our body controls and we can not be in two places at the same time. Being bound by the Universal laws of space and time automatically creates an environment and reality in which you must make choices.

We have choices such as reading this book or watching TV or working or riding a bicycle. Although most of us may have mastered the art of multi-tasking, our true focus can only be on choice per moment. Therefore, to exist in human form inherently requires we make choices; hundreds of them every day. We decide when to eat, what to eat, where to eat or not to eat at all.

Further, the dynamics of time and space force us to make choices concerning everything around us. For example, everyone wants to own a home which of course takes up physical space on land. At the same time, we want to give room for animals to run freely in their native habitats. In some places due to the increasing human and animal population, we are already competing for the same space. This is not meant to be a commentary on how we treat animals. The finite amount of space on earth creates an issue we must address and consequently we are forced to make choices regarding the diminishing space.

If you solicit opinions and ideas on how to solve the problem, you will receive a wide variety of suggestions. Which solution is the “right” solution? One amazing aspect to the reality in which we live, is there are many working solutions. Unfortunately, getting everyone to agree on one solution is highly unlikely, yet many of the solutions will resolve the problem. There are numerous possible solutions and each solution may require with it many more choices.

We choose the path, yet if we avoid making a choice, then that in itself is a choice. 

In the end the process, and learning, comes down to choices. If you decide to journey from California to New York, your mode of travel could be by car, air, bicycle or your own two feet.  Further, your path and choices may not lead you in a straight line from the point of origination to your destination. Your choices and path may take you north into Canada or south to Mexico, before you reach your destination of New York. The choices you make create experiences for you to enjoy and use for learning. With all of these thoughts in mind, examine the dynamics of making our choices.

No matter which road is taken, the choice of solution becomes the experience, and that experience is the one from which by design is the best for us to learn, grow and obtain greater awareness and mindfulness. 

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