What makes a positive attitude? These 10 components


We often hear that having a positive attitude is the main ingredient for success. But what does it mean to have a positive attitude? How do you know if you really have a positive attitude? Is it simply being in a good mood and smiling?

I’ve discovered there are 10 key components that comprise having a positive attitude. When we fully embrace a positive attitude all 10 components are intertwined. All components seem to blend together effortlessly as we move through our day with a positive attitude. The components are:

1. A willingness to examine our strengths and weaknesses, and willingness to change.

An open mind is the foundation for a positive attitude. Knowing that our world is in constant change, it is imperative we adapt and evolve right along with it.  On a Universal basis, never letting our beliefs evolve is the same as telling the Universe to keep us in the same place. Consequently, there is no room for growth, and we do not move forward.

A commitment to examine ourselves takes courage. When you are willing to view your strengths and weaknesses in an attempt to build a better you, a positive view of your future takes hold within you. You set goals to achieve, you examine what does not work and what does work and move forward. Continually transforming into a better version of ourselves grows our positive attitude.

2. Being open to new ideas and concepts.

When we are open to new ideas and concepts, we are willing to view our world differently. There is always something new to learn about life. There is a saying that in life there is nothing as permanent as change.  We must be willing to consider new approaches to push through challenges in order to grow.  When we grow and learn, we then achieve our goals. Once we achieve goals we find inner happiness.

Most people do not succeed in life because they give up when their first or second effort fails. Successful people, and those possessing a positive attitude, learn from what did not work and try again. And if that approach does not work, they look for new approaches and try again. Successful people probably fail more than people who give up because of their belief in being open to new methodology to accomplish their goals.

Keeping an open mind includes ending relationships and moving on to new ones. The same is true with experiences, such as ending employment with a company or moving to another city or state.

Our positive energy of an open mind signals the Universe to continue bringing us wonderful new opportunities for relationships and knowledge.

3. Possessing the will and courage to address our fears.

Facing our fears is often our greatest challenge. By creating negative images and scary scenarios, our minds keep us focused on fear and what we can’t achieve. In doing so, our minds create mountains that we believe are impossible to climb. Yet when we actually turn and face our fear, we discover that the challenge was much less than we anticipated. Those overwhelming mind-created images of how difficult and emotionally challenging the task would be quickly melt away once we move through our fear.

We have all faced our fears at some point in our life. It may have been the first day at a new school, that key interview that landed our first job, taking a chance on saying hello that started a wonderful relationship, trying our hand at a hobby, or simply daring to try something new no matter how small it may have seemed at the time.

When we face our fear we are pushing past what we believe we know and move into the unknown, out of our comfort zone with the belief something better awaits.

4. Believing God wants you to have abundance and achieve your goals.

Having a positive attitude includes believing wealth and abundance are within our reach. Besides wealth, abundance includes knowledge, the quality of relationships, health, and a feeling of inner peace.

To achieve our goals implies that we believe God (or whatever you consider a higher power) wants us to succeed and obtain abundance.  God desires that we are able to experience the joy that is acquired by having abundance. At times we will incur setbacks on our path to obtaining our desires. By embracing these challenges, we increase our knowledge and ability to ultimately reach our goals and realize abundance.

God wants everyone to receive and enjoy as much abundance as possible. We are at our best when we can experience and create the total richness of life in every way and share it with the world.

5. Having faith that you, God, and the Universe create your reality.

An important requirement in having a positive attitude relates to faith. This faith is about having faith in you, God, and the Universe to work collectively to create a wonderful reality. Creating those wonderful experiences that you will see in your mirror have their foundation in faith.

When we awake each morning to take on the day, we do so with faith in the potential of a new day. When we awake with faith, we believe that today can and will be different from yesterday. We believe that even in some small way, we will make one step forward today. We have faith that we are able to create the change that moves us toward our goal.

In addition, part of faith is hope.  A positive attitude implies having hope that today will be better than yesterday, or at least as positive as yesterday. We desire to hope that we can surmount our challenges. Our mindset is to believe that God and the Universe will be there to help us in our efforts to grow and learn. We have hope and faith that we will be led to the right information and in the right direction to help us learn and achieve our goals.

6. Believing you can impact the world.

Each of us brings special talents and abilities to the world in a different combination than any of the other 7 billion people in it.  Your unique special skills, talents, abilities and expertise are in a perfect combination that only you can use to impact the world. You are here to impact the world in your own extraordinary style.

Every time we speak and especially when we act, we have an impact on those around us. The more love, knowledge, expertise and kindness we share, the greater the impact we have on those around us.

All positive words and actions are powerful. Saying hello to a neighbor or holding a door open for someone, or picking up something that someone dropped, are demonstrations of a positive attitude

Always remember you make a difference.

7. Believing that life is fun and to be experienced.

A fundamental component of having a positive attitude is in believing that life is fun and in engaging in different experiences. We can truly experience and understand all that life provides only by interacting with other people. We can learn an extensive amount from the physical earth and all living creatures.

The best environment for us to grow and experiences ourselves is through our connections and intermingling with other people.

Engaging in life produces opportunities for us to feel the wonderful emotions of joy, love, gratitude, exhilaration, anticipation, laughter, and so much more. When we feel these emotions, we know we are alive.

We will stumble and fall along the way. But the happiness that comes with experiencing every wonder life has to offer is beyond comparison. And in the end, life and a positive attitude is all about being happy.

8. Believing that there is goodness and value in everyone.

A wonderful component of a positive attitude is to believe that there is good in all people. We can believe that each day the world becomes a better place for everyone. When we believe that there is good in all people, we have a sense of being connected to everyone and every living thing in the Universe.

As we look for the good in other people, our minds focus on the goodness in our life. By continuing to focus on the positive, we fill ourselves with positive energy. This positive energy helps create more positive experiences in our life.

Each of us has our own physical body. This separateness creates the appearance that we as humans and animals are not connected. Yet, we are all spiritually connected, and we feel the pain and joy of anyone and everyone in the world. We share knowledge on a spiritual and Universal plane that can occur only if we are connected.

When we look for the goodness in everyone, we also find the goodness in every experience. We appreciate how far we have come, where we are, and what lies ahead.

9. A willingness to be yourself and believe in yourself.

A positive attitude incorporates a willingness to show the world our true self. When we decide to stand up for a cause, an idea or a belief that may go against the majority, we are willing to show the world our true self. There can be an opportunity when we decide to follow our passion and live our dream, although many may tell us that following this path is too risky. Taking this chance, or leap of faith, is demonstrating willingness to show the world exactly who we are.

A positive attitude comes with being happy who we are. We do not spend time attempting to imitate others; rather we continually to grow and be the best we can be.

A willingness to be yourself infers a willingness to believe in yourself. Believing in yourself states you are comfortable with who and what you are. We all make mistakes, and when you can love yourself despite your mistakes, your positive energy will flow and glow.

10. Believing that loves conquers all.

There is nothing as powerful in the Universe as love. Love conquers everything. Love is who we are at our very core. The very essence of every living creature is love.

Demonstrating love all around us radiates God through us.  Only when we are loved and share love are we closest to God.

Love gets demonstrated in a multitude of behaviors. We can express love through a warm smile, a gentle hug, listening intently, showing compassion, or just being there for someone. There are hundreds of methods to display love and none is more powerful than any other. Simply expressing love radiates to the soul of those around us, giving them hope and faith.

The most powerful method to demonstrate a positive attitude is through our expression of love for all living creatures.

With these 10 components in your possession you are now ready to have a positive attitude every day and achieve your goals.

~ Excerpt from the book: Beyond Intent: Crossing the Threshold to Your Dreams


“When is it going to end?”


When unemployed the question we all want answered is “When is it going to end?”

There is no greater experience of uncertainty as when you are unemployed. In contrast, we much rather prefer having certainty and just as important consistency in our life. Yet, when unemployed, we must deal with both uncertainty and definitely a lack of consistency in what each day, each conversation and each interview brings.

People generally don’t handle uncertainty very well because of the inability to plan and to plan our future involves belief in events occurring in a specific timeframe. Having to manage uncertainty is difficult because of not knowing the conclusion and the timing. When unemployed we not only are extremely eager to know when it will end but what the resolution will look like. This uncertainty can be extremely stressful.

When employed we can establish an end date for a project completion and work toward that goal. The key is that when we are employed we are in control of the process and can actually set the end date and how the outcome will look. Unfortunately, when we are unemployed control is elusive. As much as we can do we can’t make anyone hire us, and definitely not in a timeframe that we desire or require.

It is much easier mentally to know on what specific date an event is going to occur. We know when our birthday is, we know when holidays are celebrated, we know when our children will graduate and we know when we will finish a seminar, certification or degree.

Not knowing when something will occur puts an enormous amount of strain on someone not only mentally, but emotionally and physically. How can you plan for the conclusion of an event when you don’t know when, and if it is going to occur?

How does all of this impact us and what can we do about it? This confusion and lack of decisive information profoundly impacts our thinking, beliefs and actions. Just watch how the stock market makes traders crazy every day, and often people lose money, because they make irrational decisions totally created out of the fact they don’t know what is going to happen.

A human trait is that when we are not sure what is going to happen, we start to make assumptions, or come to conclusions on what next steps to take, mental approach to employ, and adjustment in our beliefs and subsequently what is the best course of action.

In addition, we begin making assumptions and conclusions about our own ability. All too often upon not landing the job offer, our self-confidence is eroded. We may begin to doubt our interviewing skills, our networking skills, the layout of our resume and much more. We doubt until we wonder if we will ever land a job again. Consequently, we feel compelled to change wording in our resume, seek out the latest LinkedIn technique, rehearse another 20 interview questions and work continually on our elevator speech. Yet, when flying a plane and encountering turbulence, the airplane pilot does not land the plane and consider changing the tires, changes to the wings, changes to the engines and maybe a different airplane all together. Instead the airplane pilot adjusts to the wind and storms moving around them, yet remaining focused on the final destination.

In a job search we never really have all of the information on the status of our job search. We don’t know who has seen our profile or resume online, who might have forwarded our resume to a friend, or who might have brought up our name in a conversation. Making assumptions on the depth of our ability and impact of our networking connections can only lead us astray.

Remember you have the right skills, the right expertise and experience. Placing additional pressure on you to hurry and land that job creates unneeded stress and causes additional mental confusion. You also may makes decisions on an knee-jerk reaction instead of clear thinking.  If you know what direction you are headed, trust your experience and keep headed in that direction. An airplane pilot doesn’t spend time helping build the airplane – rather he/she trusts in its ability to fly, and fly effectively. Instead the pilot focuses on continuing to head in the intended direction.

Your time will come. Your job offer is coming. Remain diligent and focused on your path. Throughout my web posts and newsletters, you have noticed I focus solely on the impact of human behavior and mindset on your job search results. Our minds can play enormous tricks on us and impact our ability to be effective in the interview and when networking.  What you believe about yourself, your ability, the job search process, the world and people in general attract to you experiences mirroring those beliefs.  These are THE key factors in what you experience in your job search.

The reason I know is that I had to change the way I viewed myself and the job search process before I landed jobs I desired.  Painstakingly I learned these lessons, and do not wish those struggles on you. When I learned these keys, my job search results changed. And I saw this with others who were greatly successful.

The 40 Keys job search program focuses heavily on how to overcome these mental obstacles while providing a unique approach to job search tactics.  Quite often it’s not your resume or profile that creates the roadblocks to achieve the job offer or achieve any goal in life; rather landing the job all comes down to what you believe about yourself, your ability and your talent. If you have any self-doubts this program will transform your thinking to regain your confidence, effectively communicate your expertise and land that next job.

I know you can do it.  Your time is coming. Believe in you.

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The power of embracing all possibilities


From the book, It Was YOU, All Along

When working toward any goal or desired outcome, there are countless possibilities of the path we will take to achieve that goal. We discover that the events, people and places we experience along that path are amazing and often surprising.  Why? Because we have a tendency to focus or contemplate on the possibilities, and path, we would like to appear. We visualize how each step of the process will be played out as if directing a movie.

At the same time we often view the world in the here and now. Our reality is based only on what we can feel, see and touch. We view our world in finite, exact terms. For example, many of us would like to win the lottery. Lottery jackpots have escalated in the last several years to over one hundred million dollars. When I was a child I could not “imagine” the significance of one million dollars. I could not understand fully the magnitude of that much money. If the amount was all in one dollar bills, I wondered how high the pile would reach if each dollar was stacked upon the next.

Today, I can conceptualize one million dollars or one million people in my mind, although it is still difficult. If we have difficulty imagining the magnitude of one million, or maybe one hundred million dollars, imagine the reality of one billion dollars or one trillion dollars, or stars in the universe. Some numbers are just too big for us to get our minds around.

The same is true for possibilities, and the experiences and accomplishments that can occur in our life.  If we attempt to focus on how our journey will unfold, we limit the Universal number of possibilities. There are a countless number of possibilities of what doors will open for us, who we will encounter each day and what unique piece of information will be presented to us to help us succeed. The nuance to master is by not forcing a particular path to occur we allow an infinite number of possibilities to unfold, which brings us to our goal much sooner.

In addition, the nuance to master is to not focus on how our journey will unfold, but simply to experience the journey.  Stay in the moment and focus on what work we need to do, and the possibilities to complete our journey will present themselves to us perfectly.

We often block the best options from occurring.  How? Well, our mind has a tendency to ONLY hold on to that which it can rationalize and comprehend. Since it is very difficult to understand and comprehend an infinite number of possibilities, our minds reduce large numbers to amounts to which we can relate to or understand.

 The problem occurs when we believe the amount
that we can relate to is all there is

Any amounts or possibilities beyond those we can comprehend are eliminated in our minds as unachievable and not part of our realities. Yet, in reality, there are thousands of possibilities.  So let’s focus on the work to complete our goal and let the Universe bring us the perfect possibilities of people, places and events to achieve our goal, and complete our journey.

—   This exerpt from the book It Was YOU, All Along
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