Toto, we’re not in Kansas anymore

Wizard of Oz

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Most likely you recall the movie “The Wizard of Oz” where Dorothy, after being transported via a tornado to another world says to her dog “We’re not in Kansas anymore.” Dorothy quickly learns that the rules and what was normal that she learned growing up in Kansas no longer applied in this new land.

When unemployed it is very easy to feel the same. Being unemployed is like no other situation you will experience.  When employed, you made decisions on projects, the timing of when those projects would be completed, when to hold meetings, when to make a recommendation to your boss or peers, and much more.  You were in control.

Now when unemployed you can’t make anyone hire you. There is so much less control, and most of the time you will feel as you don’t have any control over the process. You find people do not return a call or email quickly as they did when you were employed. People give more vague responses compared to when you were employed. It is quite easy to feel as if you are not in Kansas anymore.

The communication process is so much different when you are unemployed. You are now on the outside looking in and it is often so difficult to get anyone’s attention. And once you do, you can be sure they are thinking of 5 other things during your conversation or reading your email.

At the same time, much of your success does depend not only on your actions, but what you believe about the world, the job search process and your own abilities. Take pride in your accomplishments and go confidently through the process with your extensive experience and expertise.

In the movie, Dorothy meets up with 3 other characters all looking for something to fulfill their dream and even their self-esteem.  They did learn much along the way, and at the same time their experiences and challenges brought the best out of them!

In the end they learned as Dorothy did, that she could return home at any time – she had the power within. The key is to see the power and ability, learn and discover how to access this power and ability, and finally how to use it to its maximum effectiveness.

In a job search as with Dorothy, we are so close to the challenge that we don’t see how to overcome the challenge, and in our case, land that job offer. The key to landing that job offer you so greatly desire does not come from the latest LinkedIn technique; rather, being aware of your human behavior and perception of your situation and those around you. Your mindset of how you approach your job search, for example, which career path to choose, what you focus your time on each day, and how well you interact and communicate with others at all times, are critical factors in your job search success.

We often can’t see some of the barriers we are creating which is why in a job search it is extremely valuable to seek out someone who can provide independent perspective giving you honest feedback and clarity.  Frequently much of our stress and indecision on what steps to take next in our search comes from our own fear of rejection, lack of self-esteem and fear of the unknown.

As we know, the biggest and greatest fear of being unemployed is not knowing when it is going to end.  Yet, you can overcome these fears and barriers and be just like Dorothy, discovering she had the power within to land that next job – which is how we feel when we have returned home.  Struggling in a specific part of your job search? Check out the 4 NEW sections of the Unique Keys program broken into the area you want to address: Interviewing, Recruiters & Networking, Commons job search mistakes, and Mental keys of success!  Click here to learn more

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Gratitude cards in your business

This post today is by Anastasiya Day – Owner and Founder of AD Virtual Assistant LTD.  Editor’s note: Mailing a card at all times in business is a great idea, even when conducting a job search.

Are you sending gratitude cards to your clients? If not – Why not?

In today’s article, I would like to talk about “Thank You Cards”. I know that not a lot of entrepreneurs or business owners send the cards. But as we all know a thank you goes a long way. You can send different cards it could be thanks for new business, for a referral or simply just to say “Hi, I hope you are well”.

By sending a “Thank You Card” you basically show your appreciation to your clients or people who are supporting you. I personally send these cards to my clients, when I finish working on a specific project. You can send appreciation cards every season – Christmas and New Year, Easter, Bank Holidays etc. Nowadays we receive a lot of emails and leaflets on different services, which is great but I personally think that entrepreneurs and business owners should send more appreciation cards too.

Even if you don’t have any business dealings with a prospect yet, you still can use these cards to build a relationship with them and let them know that you value their relationship – be supportive, stay in touch with them and grow your referral network.

Every other week, I also post thank you notes on my facebook fan page and twitter to show my followers and fans that I appreciate them. I always thank them for taking the time to come and visit our page and comment on my notes, posts etc. I know how busy we are on a daily basis, running not only the business but also looking after the family and for them to find the time to come and comment on what we do – I’m thankful.

As we all know it is the thought that counts and it is important to show your clients that you care about them. I just want to encourage you to take the time and to send “Thank You” cards and you can also send small gifts.

Timing Is Everything

We are all very different and sometimes when you say something we don’t know how this will resonate with other people. And it could be that when they receive your card it will be just the right time for them. So stay in touch with your audience.

Anastasiya Day is an online entrepreneur and founder of AD Virtual Assistance Ltd, provides a variety of services to coaches, individuals and business people including social media, event management, wordpress and general office support. She is sharing her knowledge with people from different countries and backgrounds to assist them with their business needs. With more than 8 years experience in banking, insurance industry gives her the ability to support clients with planning and implementing the work necessary for them.

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