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Each path we take is a choice and every path provides a lesson


  “Good judgment comes from experience and experience

     comes from bad judgment.” — The Old Farmer’s Almanac

For many years most everyone believed we are human beings having a spiritual experience, when in fact, we are actually spiritual beings having a “human” experience. Our souls one day decide to incarnate into a human bodies and here we are experiencing life from unique perspectives. The second a soul enters the human body, by its mere existence the body consumes space and a place in time.

Space and time are inseparable and we are all aware of the limitations we encounter each day due to these Universal forces. We can only occupy the space our body controls and we can not be in two places at the same time. Being bound by the Universal laws of space and time automatically creates an environment and reality in which you must make choices.

We have choices such as reading this book or watching TV or working or riding a bicycle. Although most of us may have mastered the art of multi-tasking, our true focus can only be on choice per moment. Therefore, to exist in human form inherently requires we make choices; hundreds of them every day. We decide when to eat, what to eat, where to eat or not to eat at all.

Further, the dynamics of time and space force us to make choices concerning everything around us. For example, everyone wants to own a home which of course takes up physical space on land. At the same time, we want to give room for animals to run freely in their native habitats. In some places due to the increasing human and animal population, we are already competing for the same space. This is not meant to be a commentary on how we treat animals. The finite amount of space on earth creates an issue we must address and consequently we are forced to make choices regarding the diminishing space.

If you solicit opinions and ideas on how to solve the problem, you will receive a wide variety of suggestions. Which solution is the “right” solution? One amazing aspect to the reality in which we live, is there are many working solutions. Unfortunately, getting everyone to agree on one solution is highly unlikely, yet many of the solutions will resolve the problem. There are numerous possible solutions and each solution may require with it many more choices.

We choose the path, yet if we avoid making a choice, then that in itself is a choice. 

In the end the process, and learning, comes down to choices. If you decide to journey from California to New York, your mode of travel could be by car, air, bicycle or your own two feet.  Further, your path and choices may not lead you in a straight line from the point of origination to your destination. Your choices and path may take you north into Canada or south to Mexico, before you reach your destination of New York. The choices you make create experiences for you to enjoy and use for learning. With all of these thoughts in mind, examine the dynamics of making our choices.

No matter which road is taken, the choice of solution becomes the experience, and that experience is the one from which by design is the best for us to learn, grow and obtain greater awareness and mindfulness. 

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The power of embracing all possibilities


From the book, It Was YOU, All Along

When working toward any goal or desired outcome, there are countless possibilities of the path we will take to achieve that goal. We discover that the events, people and places we experience along that path are amazing and often surprising.  Why? Because we have a tendency to focus or contemplate on the possibilities, and path, we would like to appear. We visualize how each step of the process will be played out as if directing a movie.

At the same time we often view the world in the here and now. Our reality is based only on what we can feel, see and touch. We view our world in finite, exact terms. For example, many of us would like to win the lottery. Lottery jackpots have escalated in the last several years to over one hundred million dollars. When I was a child I could not “imagine” the significance of one million dollars. I could not understand fully the magnitude of that much money. If the amount was all in one dollar bills, I wondered how high the pile would reach if each dollar was stacked upon the next.

Today, I can conceptualize one million dollars or one million people in my mind, although it is still difficult. If we have difficulty imagining the magnitude of one million, or maybe one hundred million dollars, imagine the reality of one billion dollars or one trillion dollars, or stars in the universe. Some numbers are just too big for us to get our minds around.

The same is true for possibilities, and the experiences and accomplishments that can occur in our life.  If we attempt to focus on how our journey will unfold, we limit the Universal number of possibilities. There are a countless number of possibilities of what doors will open for us, who we will encounter each day and what unique piece of information will be presented to us to help us succeed. The nuance to master is by not forcing a particular path to occur we allow an infinite number of possibilities to unfold, which brings us to our goal much sooner.

In addition, the nuance to master is to not focus on how our journey will unfold, but simply to experience the journey.  Stay in the moment and focus on what work we need to do, and the possibilities to complete our journey will present themselves to us perfectly.

We often block the best options from occurring.  How? Well, our mind has a tendency to ONLY hold on to that which it can rationalize and comprehend. Since it is very difficult to understand and comprehend an infinite number of possibilities, our minds reduce large numbers to amounts to which we can relate to or understand.

 The problem occurs when we believe the amount
that we can relate to is all there is

Any amounts or possibilities beyond those we can comprehend are eliminated in our minds as unachievable and not part of our realities. Yet, in reality, there are thousands of possibilities.  So let’s focus on the work to complete our goal and let the Universe bring us the perfect possibilities of people, places and events to achieve our goal, and complete our journey.

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