The Journey of A Lifetime

There are times when we want to take the first step on a new journey.  Initially we have spent days, months or even years deciding on which direction to go.  We spent considerable time examining the best approach on how to begin this new journey.  Yet once we have determined our destination, sometimes we never take a step forward.

However, there are 2 vital concepts to address and understand why we never take a step forward.  First, we believe that there will be a “right” time, and second, that this new journey is brand new.

The time is always “right” to begin now on our journey.  Believing there will be a better time puts us in a mindset that now is not the right time. However, we are always here in the “now”. Tomorrow is not here yet and is always beyond this moment. We are not assured of tomorrow; we only have now.  Plus, the Universe will continue to manifest this condition for us. Since each day will become the “now”, each day will not be the right time to begin our journey.  Stating that we must wait until certain conditions are met, the right people are in place, enough money is available and/or we are mentally prepared are all beliefs that we are not confident we will succeed.

We can only reach our goals by taking a step, and then another. Yes, we may meet challenges along the way, and these challenges must be met. However, the challenges will always be there as they represent parts of our belief system that must be addressed and altered in order to achieve our goals.

Now to the second point: the journey is simply a continuation of the journey we started when we were born. We are always on a journey as we are always growing, learning and changing.  Our beliefs, habits and actions are different from 10 years ago and those are different from 10 years before that.  We may some beliefs that we have held steadfast since an early age, but even those beliefs have been modified and tweaked through the years.  However, there are many beliefs we have changed or deleted as our life has progressed.  We will continue to change our beliefs and actions as we continue our journey.

Even sitting still we are changing. There is nothing as permanent as change. We grow older, our children grow, social norms change, the environment changes and so does technology and laws. All of these force us to make changes whether we like them or not, and consequently we are moving forward or backward.

From the moment you were born you have been on a journey.  There is no waiting for the right time to begin, as you began this journey many years ago.   You have been on this journey all of your life. Now, continue, and enjoy the journey of a life time!

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